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_Why a sabbatical?

We're so glad you asked . . .
An excerpt taken from Remember the Sabbath by A.J. Swoboda

Our culture has more time-saving devices, technological conveniences, and cheaper mobility than any point in history . . . The rhythms that mark the success-obsessed West have taken their toll on our minds, bodies, relationships, and environment.

Sadly, the church has been swept up in the current of culture. It seems our souls are all but withering away; we’re exhausted and on edge more often than we’d care to admit. So how do we work without becoming a slave to work? It starts by remembering. “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” (Exodus 20:8). Sabbath is as old as time, and yet is virtually unknown to most modern people, including Christians. We have forgotten how to rest.

Oddly, the reason for our exhaustion is often our devotion. We are well aware that God is the Lord of the Harvest. We work tirelessly around the clock to advance God’s kingdom. Without even realizing it, we have been bowing to the altars of hyperactivity and progress. What we have forgotten is that he is also Lord of the Sabbath as well. The Western Church has been so busy working for God, that we have forgotten how important it is to simply be with God.

This excerpt strikes at the very heart of why Antioch is choosing to designate the month of July as a "Sabbatical" month. In a world that has all but forgotten the necessity of sabbath, it is our desire to stop and remember that God IS the Lord of the Harvest and that He IS infinitely good. We wish to be a people who both honor His command to rest and take joy in simply being with Him and each other. Why a sabbatical? Simply put, it is to cast down the "altars of hyperactivity and progress" in order to embrace God and His very best for our lives. 

_What does an Antioch Sabbatical look like?

That's a great question . . .
As a church body, we will be partnering with the spirit of Sabbath in a number of ways. To begin, this DOES NOT mean that we will cease meeting together on Sundays. Part of the Sabbath is the joy of communing with one another and worshiping God as a community of faith. However, while we will continue to gather at 10:00 am on Sundays, there WILL BE some definitive changes in the liturgy of our services.
As can be seen in the article above, part of what it means to Sabbath is to break from work in order to rest in God. In order to truly make this a Sabbath for the body, we will break from many of the ministries of Antioch Church both on Sunday morning and throughout the week. This will allow as many of our faithful Ministry Crew workers as possible to rest from their work of service.
Below is a brief list of changes that you can expect in the month of July.
  • An abbreviated service (from 10:00 am – 11:00 am)
  • Our services will consist of:
    • A time of worship in song (with only one or two people helping to lead us)
    • Corporate prayer 
    • An opportunity to worship God with our tithes and offerings
    • And finally an extended time around the Table, receiving Communion together.
  • In the spirit of allowing our children's ministers to participate in the Antioch Sabbath, we will NOT be having Antioch Kids, but rather have our children join us in our shortened service.
  • We WILL have one class for ages 1 – 3 which Antioch Staff will oversee. 
  • During the week we will break from:
    • Life Groups​
    • GC
    • Men's and Women's Events