We know it can be difficult when looking for the right home. So here's a quick look at some things you might be interested in knowing.
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antioch SERVICE

At Antioch, we believe in the importance of gathering together as believers. It is a visible witness to the Triune God and is one of the ways we grow both individually as well as corporately, loving and serving one another. 
There are many aspects to our services on Sunday but here are a few of the things we consider to be an important part of Antioch's expression of the local church body: 
  • We believe in the power and importance of Christian tradition. As such, we seek to participate in traditional elements within our service such as corporate scripture readings, call to worship, and coming to the Lord's Table for communion every Sunday. 
  • We believe in the charismatic expression of the Spirit filled life. This simply means that we believe that God's Spirit is fully active today in producing His fruit in the lives of believers (forming us into the image of Christ) and empowering His people to live the dynamic Christian life (which includes the gifts of the Spirit as outlined in scripture). 
  • It is often difficult marrying the two above, but it is our firm conviction that Antioch is a church called to house "treasures both old and new" (see Matt. 13:52). 
  • We passionately worship God and make room for ministry during our service. 
  • We believe in the preaching and teaching of God's Word to His people, training, equipping, and sending them to be faithful witnesses of God's character and kingdom in the community of Colorado Springs.
This is just a small peek at an Antioch Service. Should you like to join us for a service check out our time and location below. 



3958-103 N. Academy Blvd. / 80917

antioch MISSION

Another important value and mission here at Antioch is our commitment to both local and global outreach. This mission is accomplished primarily through Antioch Global Missions (AGM) which is growing and planning for greater impact. 
Currently, on a global scale, we are focusing our efforts on a small community in Swaziland, Africa. This includes sponsoring children so that they are able to eat and afford education, but also includes a long-term partnership with the community itself in building a self-sustaining lifestyle (schools, agriculture, clean water, etc). It is an exciting time for us as we build relationships with this community. 
Locally, we support a number of ministries such as Life Network and Mercy's Gate volunteering at different events as well as annually participating in CityServe, a city wide outreach initiative with various church communities in our city. It is our goal to increase our engagement with the community of Colorado Springs through love and service as we believe God has called us to engage the culture and people around us with the hope, life, and love of God's Kingdom. 
For more information on AGM, CLICK HERE. 


Finally, one of the most important aspects to know about Antioch Church is our focus on the body of Christ as not only a community, but as the family of God. We believe that when scripture uses the word family for the church community, it is not a description as though the church is like a family but a defining of the church as a family. 
As such, we are continually pursuing the difficult end of deep and abiding relationships with one another that reflect the heart of God. 
We understand that this can be scary as we have all been hurt by people. With this in mind, we trust in the process of developing relationships through the incremental building of trust and experience, tempered with honest communication and a strong commitment to the work of forgiveness. 
That said, we encourage such relationships through our Life Group Ministry (our small group ministry), organic get-togethers, church-wide events, classes, and serving together in the community and in the church. 
If you would like to receive more detailed information by email or would like to have someone contact you simply text your name and email to new@antiochcos.com
and let us know how we can help.