We are becoming a
New Life Congregation!

Join us on Palm Sunday!

9am and 11am

We are gathering to celebrate the launch of New Life Midtown on Palm Sunday! Join us for in person and live streamed services at 9am and 11am. We will worship together, pray for each other, and read the scriptures. 

Our Story 

This is the result of running after the same Spirit and realizing we are moving in the same direction. In December of 2019, we were approached by New Life leaders and asked if we would ever consider joining the New Life family. After much prayer, deliberation, seeking wise counsel, many conversations, and time spent we believe we are following the prompting of the Holy Spirit in becoming New Life Midtown. 

Frequently asked questions

Will Pastor Jayde Duncan still preach on Sundays?

Yes! Pastor Jayde and Christy Duncan will be the congregational pastors of New Life Midtown. Pastor Jayde will still be the primary teaching pastor.

How will Sunday Mornings change?

Not much will change on a Sunday morning. We are joining the New Life family and network, but our expression of prayer, worship, and teaching remains largely the same. The idea is that New Life is able to offer a variety of expressions in different locations across the city.

Will we become a HUGE church like New Life North?

Not likely. It has taken 35 years for New Life North to the place it is today. We will most certainly grow, but we will not have 10,000 members any time soon. The congregational model that New Life is using highlights the uniqueness of each church and in each location. We are able to contextualize ministry to the needs of the people in that neighborhood.