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Advent Week 2

Advent - God's Presence and His Promises

This month, we are reading a selection of passages around the theme of Advent: Living Hope.

This week's Advent Theme is God's Presence and His Promises. See below to download the devotionals for this week.

This Week's Advent Theme is: God's Presence and His Promises


-Bible Reading Plan

-Advent: Living Hope

-Hope is an Expectant Leap

-Daily Devotionals

Family Activities

Share Online

Engage with us online! If you have some commentary on this week's theme, reading, a revelation from the devotional, post it on Social Media! Use the hashtag #ACLivingHope so we can share it on the Antioch Facebook Page.

Join a Zoom Group

Zoom Groups meet 3 more times during the Advent season and are designed to bring connection and discussion. Sign up to join a Zoom group!

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