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An Update from Pastor Jayde

Dear Antioch Family,

I’m writing to let you know that after hearing from Colorado Governor Jared Polis on a phone call with hundreds of other pastors across the state, we have decided to cancel all Antioch activities this weekend: Sunday service, missions team meetings, and Family Talk. With the consultation of national health officials, state leaders are making a strong appeal to the leaders of the faith based community to suspend gatherings of more than 250 people. This decision has also come from consulting with other trusted pastors in our city who are wrestling with the right and appropriate response to an unprecedented health crisis.

Public Health and the Welfare of the City

By now, you may have heard from a wide variety of organizations both locally and nationally that are responding to this crisis in their respective context. Each industry from food service and entertainment to education and communities of faith are working diligently to make the best and most responsible decisions within their sphere of influence. Higher safety measures, including temporary suspensions of large gatherings are being enacted to curb the spread of the virus as much as possible. In order for us to resume gathering and ministering with the level of proximity and regularity that we enjoy, we need this to happen.

Love of Neighbor

Please understand that decisions of this magnitude are never easy and in difficult circumstances there is rarely one right answer that will satisfy polarized positions. Some are calling for services to be cancelled while others are suggesting all church prayer meetings. We have been slower to communicate in order to understand the nature of the situation as accurately as possible and then respond accordingly. Our posture towards this situation and our decision to suspend this weekend’s activities are not based out of fear but love. We are endeavoring to truly consider and care for those in our spiritual family who are most vulnerable due to age, current respiratory illnesses, or who are immuno-suppressed in any way. We believe this is ONE of the ways we can love our neighbor in this moment.

Kingdom Opportunities

As our city takes measures to respond to the COVID-19 situation, the ripple effect will impact more and more people in our community on a deeply practical and economic level. It’s in these moments when the Church collectively has the greatest opportunity to remain in peace and reach out to meet the needs of others, from delivering groceries to assisting with childcare, both within and outside of our local church.

Practically Speaking

Moving forward, we are a people who have been called together, in this city, for such a time as this. You can expect to hear from me regularly as we strive for clarity on what our next immediate and short term steps will be. Let us be creative in how we communicate with one another and minister to each other in this time. Now is not the time to pull away but to draw near. I encourage families to gather together meaningfully in your homes this Sunday and perhaps invite others. Pastor Jonathan and I are at work on how to best resource and assist you with this.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or needs, please email us at

Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you!

Pastor Jayde

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