If you're planning to visit us for the first time, here's some insight
into a typical Sunday morning and what to expect.


We encourage you to dress as you feel comfortable. There is a wide variety of styles at our services and we want everyone to feel at home as we pursue the presence of the Lord and make Him the center of our focus.


When you enter the building, you will be met by one of our greeters. This team is here to welcome you, answer any questions you may have, and offer directions to any of our children’s or nursery classrooms.

Also, there is a bulletin board located in the foyer with more information on the activities, upcoming events, and ministries of Antioch Church. 



Infants & Toddlers (3 years)

The check-in counter for Antioch Infants and toddlers is in the main foyer as you enter the building. There are signs in the to help give direction and if you have any questions feel free to ask the greeters.

K - 5th Grade

The Antioch Kid's Church check-in process happens before the worship service. Find one of our volunteers to assist with check-in. 



At Antioch Church, we believe in a full and diverse expression of worship. When you attend a service at Antioch you will see people engaging passionately in many biblical forms of worship. This time includes moments of deep intimacy through the raising of hands, kneeling, and simply bearing our hearts to our Heavenly Father as well as exuberant praise and exaltation.


Here's a sample of the worship music here at Antioch:




At our service you can expect a sermon that is scripturally based, applicable, and passionate about exalting God’s glory in the earth. The sermons, in their content and their purpose, center around the three components of our mission statement: awaken, equip, and send. We hope and pray that you will be awakened to the father heart of God, equipped for your God-given purpose, and sent into your purpose encouraged and empowered by His Holy Spirit.